Annette Comer

Founder, World’s Greatest Women

Annette Comer is an engineer, entrepreneur and business woman who has always been curious about why things are the way they are. This has been especially true with regard to the trajectory of women advancement. She has found the normal approaches toward women empowerment continue to leave women underrepresented.

To set a new direction, Annette has collaborated with high-performing executives worldwide and interviewed over 130 successful female leaders, which has led to groundbreaking ideologies to transform the world of power for women everywhere.

Whether in college, as a senior corporate manager or even an entrepreneur earning seven figures, Annette has firsthand experience of the challenges of being underrepresented and what it takes to change the trajectory.

Looking to the future, Annette sees the World’s Greatest Women "AND" Power Platform as the premier researched-based vehicle to catapult women toward executive positions with world-changing results.

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“Looking back, I should have done more to advance women. Perhaps I was afraid they would replace me in the few coveted top spots. I can’t go back, but I can make things different going forward.”


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