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The World’s Greatest Women "AND" Power Platform works with organizations to create mutually beneficial partnerships, with the ultimate goal of promoting the synergy of women and power and the significant change that women alone can implement. 

If you are interested in bringing ground-breaking world-class training to your organization or want to contribute to our work, please reach out to [email protected]

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Join thousands of women taking part in our online survey on females in decision-making and management roles. Through the survey we will be able to analyze the main internal and external factors that impact the ability of women to step into executive positions of leadership and influence and stay there long term.

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Guide the Next Generation

If we are to sustain the momentum of the World’s Greatest Women "AND" Power Platform, we cannot leave our daughters behind. This has led to the development of the World’s Greatest Girls Club – a place where girls age 9-18 learn through a video platform how to become the powerful leaders of tomorrow.

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We are dedicated to preparing the next generation of female leaders to step into positions of leadership, influence and impact and wouldn’t be able to do that without your support. Your donation will go a long way in supporting the valuable work we do in women's organizations and in schools. Your monetary contribution will also help us to continue growing our campaign in creating wider narratives and policy changes in businesses and schools.



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